21 August 2011

Whales are Dumb

Today, on Things Jana Has An Opinion About: whale songs.

While reviewing a list of things I need at the hospital, I noticed that one of the items I require is a music-playing device that DH has loaded with whale songs. I humbly (not really) submit that this is the dumbest idea ever. The last thing I want to listen to when I am cranky, crotchety, and in pain is this:

I remain unsoothed. SHUT UP, WHALES. If anything, I am more filled with rage and annoyance than I was 2 minutes and 58 seconds ago, and I'm not even in labor. Is this some sort of cruel trick on pregnant women? Or upon their poor partners, upon whom vengence would inevitably be visited?


  1. Ummmm...perhaps they are trying to help you get in touch with your primal side? **rolls eyes**

    I only watched 10 seconds and I was already annoyed. ;)

  2. Whales are poor conversationalists. Ever see one host a talk show or be the life of the party?

  3. I have NOT. Point made!